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Having VISIBILITY is the foundation for enabling cloud security initiatives, but it needs to be easy to use and able to help companies visualize large data sets effectively.

Companies need solutions that help AUTOMATE the creation of micro-segmentation policies for rapid deployment, while provide global management across any environment (public, private, hybrid, bare metal). 


Most legacy tools that monitor/control network and application traffic were not designed to handle the scale of traffic inside a modern data center, making them inefficient, expensive, and cumbersome.

As a leading security research organization, there are three major things have become clear to us:




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Rethinking the fundamentals 

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Over 90% of enterprise companies are in various stages of adopting cloud computing solutions but..... 


Cloud adoptions rates are skyrocketing, but problems still loom.  In the first of many surveys for 2017, senior business leaders again report IT security concerns, including compliance, as the number one speed bump slowing down these efforts.  Risk considerations are part of the equation, but challenges around getting a clear and comprehensive understanding of how applications communicate, is derailing both application migration and key security efforts (like micro-segmentation).

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